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What is Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is the process of bringing back latent memories that is stored in the subconscious part of our mind. Some call these memories "soul memories". Many experts teach that these are memories of our many past lives or sojourns in the physical cycles of our existence. They are stored in the vast storage of our subconscious part of our mind. To show the size of our powerful subconscious think of an iceberg. What we see above water is only about 20% of the whole iceberg. The part above the water we will compare to our conscious part of our mind. All that vast 80% under water or subterranean part of the iceberg we compare to our subconscious part of our mind.

When we regress back (which is really not back) and recover that part of our memory that was formed in a past life or one of our past lives.

In our case we are using hypnosis for our means of regression. Hypnosis has been very successful for regressing back to a memory in this lifetime. Due to it's ability to access the subconscious part of our mind we are able to regress back to a particular memory in our past while in this life.

Since it works so well going to past memories in this life time we use hypnosis for revisiting memories in our other past lives. Meditation can also be used. But, for our purpose in group regressions we will be using light hypnosis. By light I mean a light conscious level or a level of mind called alpha which is just below the normal (beta) wake state. We normally spend approximately 80% of our daily awake time in beta. The other 20% is spent day dreaming or focused concentration or alpha or hypnosis.