Frequently Asked Questions

About hypnosis:

  1. What does it feel like to be hypnotized?
    1. It feels very natural because it is a natural state of mind. It’s about like asking what does it feel like when you are daydreaming? Being hypnotized can also be called “Focused Concentration”. You are simply focusing on something inwardly.
  2. Am I asleep or unconscious when hypnotized?
    1. You are neither asleep or unconscious when hypnotized. If you were you could not hear the hypnotist. You are merely focused inwardly.
  3. Can I be hypnotized?
    1. If you cannot stay focused for any length of time or if you are heavily on drugs or alcohol you won’t be hypnotized. Since the act of hypnotizing is verbal then it would stand to reason that a deaf person will not be hypnotized.
  4. Can I be hypnotized against my will?
    1. You must give the hypnotist permission before you will be hypnotized.

About Past life regression:

  1. Is past life regression just my imagination?
    1. Past life Regression is a deep seated memory. However, when experiencing the regression, you must be open the experience. Allow the visions, sounds, and impressions to come to you. Otherwise yes, your imagination will fill in but you will know the difference.
  2. What can I expect with past life regression?
    1. That’s like saying what can I expect if I remember when I was 5 years old? We are all different and unique. You will be guided by the regressionist to experience your regression to the fullest possible. Open ended questions will be asked to guide (not direct) you and help you experience your past life.